November 18, 2013

experiment #6

Raspberry ravioli with Dark Chocolate frozen air.experiment#06_02

Back to Sperification again; this time dessert.  This was both a failure and a success.  All experiments have failures and my chocolate air was a big failure on this one.  Yes it was light… but not ‘airy’ enough for my liking.

experiment#06_01I’m fairly happy with the raspberry ravioli.  This is a simple enough technique, it needs practice… but still do-able.  As for the chocolate air… well, I had to invest in a different hand blender to try and get more aeration happening.The idea is to make the chocolate mixture (mine was too dark and bitter to start with; next time I will sweeten a fair bit more) add some soy lecithin (to hold the bubbles) and then aerate the mixture, scooping off the bubbles into a different container and freezing.

Quite simply my aeration was not producing enough bubble.  It could have been the temperature of the chocolate mixture, it could have been my hand blender, so one thing at a time.  I plan on making this chocolate frozen air again… we’ll see how it goes next time.

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