November 24, 2013

experiment #7

experiment#07_01Rocket (arugilla) spaghetti with Chèvre, tomato & topped with balsamic pearls.

Seriously I think this is my favourite one yet.  Not only because it looks spectacular, but because it tasted lovely too.

There are two slightly different gelication techniques used here; i.e.:  the gelling agent is the same, but the method of ‘setting’ to shape is different.  I’m going to spill-the-beans on one method:  The balsamic pearls are a fantastic dressing and way of enjoying the sharp delicious flavour of a good balsamic.  Bringing balsamic to a boil with agar agar, cooling, then dripping into some cold oil – bam – balsamic pearls; rinse and use.

One of the key factors to any meal that tastes delicious, is using good produce.  Personally, I like to use organic… it’s not always what I use, but it’s probably close to a 60/40 split.  The rocket I used in this dish was fresh local organically grown rocket, as was the tomato.  Most of this meal is products from my favourite store – Organic Food Market (Campbell Street Toowoomba).  Why do I mention them specifically?  Well, they are really nice folks, who believe in stocking only the best products…and my Saturday morning jaunts are always a fun place to share my cooking experiments, and to pick up some ideas for the week ahead.  I often pickup recipes from other customers too…

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