December 8, 2013

experiment #9


  • fresh organic sour dough
  • Aged eye fillet beef
  • powdered truffle oil
  • balsamic pearls

This little recipe is going to sound a little Hipster’esk, but damn it was yummy.  I couldn’t resist sharing.

It’s a thin slice delight;

  • slice the sour dough thin, brush with a little olive oil (I actually used hemp oil – but I’m a hippy), gently warm in a dry pan.
  • slice the beef thin, place atop warmed toast
  • sprinkle with a little salt and sear with flame
  • sprinkle powdered truffle oil & balsamic pearls

I had to share this, as it was simply perfect after my Saturday morning training then shopping sessions.

Categories: combination , Truffle

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