August 30, 2013

experiment #1

If you haven’t read it yet, I would encourage you to read my about page.  It explains things.  Why do things need explaining?  Well, I want you to know what’s behind my experiments… What’s behind this style of cooking, for me… Why aren’t there always recipes… etc.

This was my first foray into Molecular Gastronomy… only five days earlier I had started Googling how to make a gel from an alcoholic beverage, which took me deep down a rabbit hole. so to speak.  When I first started my Chocolate & Praline adventures, I found how clandestine that field of cooking was and is… but this was different again.  From all of that Googling over a number of hours I ended up buying a couple of kits.  A cocktails kit and a cuisine kit.  What follows is my first experiment.  Obviously I’m loving this Science & Cooking mix 🙂

So, onto experiment #1:  Gin with tonic caviar.

experiment#01_02This spherification technique called for a blue liquor in the tonic to give it a vibrant colour to make it very obvious in the glass… I didn’t have that specific ingredient… so I improvised and it didn’t really cut it.  The basic technique for this is the introduction of two specific ingredients, in a quite specific way.  I found whole process this very time consuming and laborious, I hope there’s another way of doing this.  The experiments will continue.
From the photo’s you may be able to see a clear liquid (Gin) with some little cloudy spheres.  The spheres are a blend of tonic water, lemon soda and a little blue Curacao for colour.  Another downfall with how long it takes to do this, is that the ‘skin’ at develops will keep increasing; ie: until it’s a solid gel.  So the quicker you get the process done and into the glass, the better.

I guess someone’s going to get a little tippsy if I experiment too much with this one.


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  1. Michael PA says:

    no drinking after THAT one then 🙂

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