August 31, 2013

experiment #2

experiment#02_01Still with the Spherification; “reverse spherification”…  this time the booze is on the inside.  Can anybody guess that I started my experimentation in the cocktail section of the recipes.  So this little delight was chemically the same as the first experiment, but the whole method was different.  In the bubble is white rum, lemon soda & mint.  A thin film forms on the outside; when slipped into the mouth almost like I imagine you would an oyster; it bursts open with a hit of Mojito 🙂

These were a lot more fun to make (read; not so laborious) and a lot of fun sampling.  Not all looked pretty, so I have some more playing to do here.  I’m figuring that a little more patience would help.

I will certainly be investigating this style of serving a lot more.  I think I saw a recipe for warm cheese spheres similar to these, that would make me happy, maybe not as happy as all this white rum.

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One comment on “experiment #2
  1. Tammy says:

    These look fun to eat as well. They would be a great feature at a party.

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