September 1, 2013

experiment #3

experiment#03_02This was a diversion from the Mojito bubble experiment, I thought I’d be able to modify this to work with cheese. I made the Warmed triple cream brie bubbles.  I wondered how the thin shell would handle a flame to warm it.  I sprinkled a little salt and hit it with a flame… the resultant seared and warmed bubble worked!

Should there be a next time on this, I would probably use a different cheese, more likely a goats cheese, and I would aim at a runnier consistency.

Also next time I do this reverse spherification technique, I will use a warm sodium alginate bath, the warm bath should warm up the cheese enough to make these just that little bit yummier.  I got this idea of a warm bath from a recipe I’ve found for making chicken soup spheres.

But all in all, it was a unique way to serve cheese and crackers, that was actually yummy.

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  1. Tracy says:

    Nice one

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