October 6, 2013

experiment #11

The inspiration for this meal started when I received some ever so special soured beers from The Two Metre Tall Company of Tasmania.    This was the first release of their soured ale range.

One of the beers in this range was a Barrel Aged Sour Cherry Ale.  Although there was no ale in dessert, I did model the favours with the ale in mind.  The plan was for the main meal to be served with the ale… but the cherry flavours continued in some way to dessert.


This two course meal began with …

experiment#11_04 Slow cooked organic pork fillet seared in Tasmanian truffle butter;
served with apple caviar.

Truffle roast potato on a bed of pork “crackle” – (so the pork crackle was crushed salty pork crackle with unflavoured popping sugar – when eaten the pork crackle – crackled in the mouth!)

& Three Peas; sugar snap, baby &  snow pea puree.

Served with barrel aged Sour Cherry Ale.



experiment#11_08Second course/ Dessert course – Bramble Patch Raspberry Fortified Wine gel, sweet dark chocolate air, Sour Cherry & cinnamon liqueur foam, white chocolate coated mulberry gel.  (the sour cherry cinnamon liqueur was something I made with some stunning dried sour cherries & a drop of cinnamon oil…and the mulberry gel was made using fresh mulberry juice from our tree of berries)
Served with Murray’s Season of the Abyss

This dessert was BEYOND rich…but the roast/chocolate/maltyness of the beer really smoothed off the course fantastically.  What I thought was going to be over powering was balanced off by sipping the beer 🙂

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